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Alex Greenwich MP calls for changes to noise policy

He is backing our campaign to prevent Glebe Island become a noisy nightmare.

Alex Greenwich MP - Independent Member for Sydney, recently wrote to the Minister for Transport and Roads, Andrew Constance MP about the issues surrounding Glebe Island, the MUF and the proposed Hanson concrete batching plant.

His letter once again highlights the key points we have been making for the past two years including the need for a curfew at night and that reasonable noise limits must be imposed on ships and their operators. Those limits need to be policed and significant penalties imposed for transgressors.

Read Alex's full letter here.

If you would like to help, writing a letter will go a long way. Your letter is important. If more than 50 letters are received, the objections take on much more significance with politicians and government departments. 

Find out what to include in your letter and who to address it to here.


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