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Don’t Waste 

Glebe Island

Don’t let the NSW Government break another promise and turn Glebe Island into an industrial site rather than an iconic waterfront destination.

What has been proposed for Glebe Island?

In January 2018, the Port Authority of NSW announced plans to turn Glebe Island into a long-term, heavy industrial shipping, storage and construction site.


The multi-user facility will be used for the import, storage and distribution of dry bulk materials. Hanson has also announced plans to open a Concrete Batching Plant and bulk aggregate distribution facility adjacent to the multi-user facility on Glebe Island.

The facility will be huge: about five stories high by 210 metres long — that is as long as two football fields end to end. It will cause dust pollution, air pollution from ship's engine fumes, noise pollution, major road traffic congestion, and harbour shipping congestion.

A better future for Glebe Island

Glebe Island has the potential to provide billions of dollars worth of economic value to Sydney’s economy each year as a tourism, innovation and high-value employment hub. Similar harbourfront destinations like Barangaroo inject $1.5 billion into the NSW economy each year.


Glebe Island should be a hub for Sydneysiders and tourists alike, with stunning waterfront destinations, open public and green spaces, community hubs, recreation and cultural facilities and more. 

Join the fight to protect Sydney’s waterfront and prevent another planning disaster in NSW! 

Another broken promise

Plans for Glebe Island’s urban renewal cast aside yet again in favour of industrialisation

A missed tourism opportunity

Glebe Island has the potential to inject billions of dollars into Sydney’s economy each year

Traffic congestion

Adding thousands of trucks to the surrounding roads each day

A waste of Sydney’s harbourfront

The industrialisation of Glebe Island will be an eyesore on Sydney Harbour

Environmental impacts

Noise, visual and air pollution will affect tens

of thousands of Sydneysiders

Another planning disaster

The NSW Government isn't focused on what's best for Sydney's future

How you can help

Sydney deserves Glebe Island to become an iconic waterfront destination like the world-class Opera House and Barangaroo sites, as was promised by the NSW Government. Join the fight to protect Sydney’s waterfront and prevent another planning disaster in NSW.