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Write a letter to lodge your objections

With your help we can prevent Glebe Island becoming a noisy nightmare

Write a letter 

With your help we can prevent Glebe Island becoming a noisy nightmare. There's one simple thing you can do to help. Write a letter.


Your letter is important. If more than 50 letters are received, the objections take on much more significance with politicians and government departments. 

Please send your letter to the following politicians and government departments:

A.     Port Authority of NSW via

B.     Mr Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning and Open Spaces, using the form on his website:

C.    Mr Karl Fetterplace, Senior Planning Officer Department of Planning Industry & Environment via

D.    Alex Greenwich, our local MP via

E.    NSW Environment Protection Authority's Environment Line via

It will help if you can please copy us into your emails when possible by CCing so we can track numbers.


Using your own words, your letter should call for: 

a. A nighttime curfew between 9pm and 7am to prevent disruptions to residents' sleep. Please provide personal examples of tugs and ships which have kept you awake in the past couple of years.


b. An independent analysis into the real noise impacts which includes the cumulative impact of all projects on Glebe Island and traffic associated with the port.


c. Independent recommendations on reasonable noise limits. Higher noise limits will seriously affect the health and wellbeing of local residents.

We also encourage you to submit feedback on the Port Authority of NSW's draft noisy policy

Thanks for your help!

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