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Heather Marano

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Key activity



Meeting with politicians, government and key opinion leaders to lobby for the plans to be overturned.

Legal Challenge

We are considering legal action to stop the plans for Glebe Island in their tracks.  



Raising awareness of the issue with media to apply enough pressure to have the plans overturned.

Community Group

Join our private Facebook Group to engage with our supporters and ask questions.

How you can help

Tell your friends


If you care about the future of Glebe Island, share your thoughts on social media or discuss this with your friends or family. The NSW Government has tried to keep this issue quiet, it’s our job to make sure every Sydneysider knows what is planned so we can advocate for a better outcome.

Follow us on social media


Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and please share the message with your network!

Lodge a complaint


Please lodge a complaint with the Environmental Protection Agency (131 555) and the Port Authority of NSW (02 9296 4962) to have your voice heard!


Write to politicians and influencers 


Write to the Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts MP, to your local Member or other influential people to let them know that you don’t want Glebe Island wasted. Here is a list of people you can write to have your voice heard!


Sign our petition 


Sign our petition and share the petition with your friends. Our goal is to reach 10,000 signatures.

Attend a meeting 


We hold regular public meetings on the campaign. To find out when our next meeting is being held please subscribe to our newsletter (see the form in the footer below) or visit our news page for updates.


Donate to the campaign 


Your generous donations make this campaign possible. 100% of donations will go towards campaign advocacy efforts to help us overturn the plans for Glebe Island. To find out more about how your donation will be used, contact us.