Glebe Island Concept Plan

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  • Creation of a knowledge-intensive centre of technology & innovation, a significant economic and transport hub - a strategic asset of global standing involving a transformed Power Station and adjacent new commercial/residential development;

  • Creation of a research & business centre for best-practice across all sustainability sectors, with a focus on energy, water, waste and food resources & their demands on growing cities;

  • Creation of a large public plaza, in scale with the Power Station and connecting the precinct’s facilities with new ferry, bus, light-rail and metro transportation.



  • Creation of a substantial water square at the head of White Bay and adjunctive to the Power Station plaza to provide a close & human-scale relationship with the water and include a new ferry wharf;

  • Creation of new, “active-edge” buildings - of lower scale than the Power Station Precinct - that define the space and extend along both sides of White Bay towards other facilities;

  • Creation of a small-business, café/restaurant, and entertainment precinct to complement the Power Station Precinct and form a gateway to other precincts.



  • Creation of a significant base for up to 50 Sydney Harbour cruise and entertainment boats, strategically located between the Power Station Precinct’s transportation facilities and the existing Cruise Ship Terminal;

  • Creation of supporting low- and medium-rise administration and service buildings and a secondary terminal/berthing facility for cruise ships, adjoining the existing Terminal.



  • Creation of a large-scale extension of the existing open space between Birrung Park, Balmain at the upper level and White Bay at foreshore level by transforming and reorganising space consumed by redundant wharves and roads to provide an enlarged active and passive recreational zone;

  • Creation of good connections to new light-rail, bus, ferry and metro transportation, to enhance access to this space as well as to the Balmain peninsula;

  • Creation of an eastern extension of this open space via the Cruise Ship Terminal to a headland park, restaurant, and ferry wharf and connecting around the point to Balmain’s Ewenton Park and further into the Balmain peninsula.



  • Creation of a major arts and crafts facility through the conversion and adaptive reuse of the existing heritage Silos and surrounding land.

  • Creation of a Sydney Arts Centre by utilising the massive spatial volumes within and alongside the Silos to include a major Gallery of Australian Indigenous Art as well as comprehensive facilities for glass and ceramic art; galleries, studios & accommodation for resident and visiting artists; a sculpture centre; and a centre for digital and innovative art, with a high level of public access and participation;

  • Creation of residential and hotel accommodation at the upper levels of the Silos to capitalise on the magnificent views available towards Barangaroo and the Harbour Bridge;

  • Creation of a substantial forecourt with large-scale service/storage areas below, addressing a new Glebe-Island-Bridge public promenade from Pyrmont.



  • Creation of a large, landscaped open space alongside the public promenade extending from the Catherine Street end of the Rozelle Goods Yard precinct to the tip of Glebe Island and overlooked by the cantilevered plaza and internal spaces of the Silos Arts Precinct;

  • Creation of communal gardens, external sculpture display areas, active & passive open space for relaxation, and a lower-level link to the new Sydney Arts Centre - a green heart to Glebe Island;

  • Creation of a more naturalistic termination of Glebe Island incorporating a large decorative pond cut into the existing wharf with a spillway into the harbour and a more naturalistic outline to the tip of the peninsula through a reshaping of the edge of the wharf.



  • Creation of a city-scale project consisting of a number of linked biospheres (up to 70m in diameter) with geodesic glazed roofs, showcasing the unique and diverse climatic zones & environments of Australia - a major visitor attraction and educational resource for schools and community alike - demonstrating the diversity, fragility and robustness of the Australian environment and exploring issues of climate & environmental sustainability;

  • Creation of a focal point and exciting termination to the long route from the Catherine Street light-rail station, through the Rozelle Goods Yard corridor, the Power Station Plaza and past the Water Square and Arts Precincts and occupying the reshaped tip of Glebe Island.



  • Creation of a Sydney Waterways Base with a separate access road on the existing eastern wharf of Glebe island measuring approximately 360m x 65m and dedicated to ongoing maintenance, small-scale construction, and servicing of Sydney Harbour maritime facilities. Comprising an open wharf area and a large administration/storage/service building, this facility would further support the continuity of “blue” economic activities and would also be used for berthing of Waterways barges, cranes, and tugs and other small-medium size maritime services craft.



  • Creation of a connection between an expanded existing Easton Park playing field and park and the new Rozelle Goods Yard Precinct by reconstructing a small section of Lilyfield Road to run underground and reconstructing the parkland - including an improved sports field - to run above.

  • Creation of a pedestrian/cycle connection between the heart of Lilyfield and the transformed Glebe Island to improve and enhance access to the Bays Precinct facilities and transportation options.



  • Creation of a landscaped, linear open-space link between Lilyfield, Rozelle, Annandale and Glebe Island through the construction of a new light-rail spur line between the Catherine Street light-rail station and the existing Cruise Ship Terminal at White Bay thereby extending light-rail access to the Balmain peninsula. Construction of a parallel pedestrian/bicycle pathway into Glebe Island (entering through the existing underpass below Victoria Road), and an overhead pedestrian/bicycle bridge between Lilyfield Road and the head of Rozelle Bay via the existing Rozelle Bay light-rail station;

  • Creation of a diversity of housing types along the corridor accessed from Lilyfield Road and including both medium-density and affordable apartments on a multi-level approach that takes advantage of the existing changes in ground level within the precinct;

  • Creation of an expanded village centre around the Catherine Street/City West Link intersection by building above the Catherine Street light-rail station and a new village centre at the head of Rozelle Bay near the Crescent intersection and connected by the overhead pedestrian bridge.



  • Creation of the above-mentioned new village centre with a mix of commercial and retail facilities, as part of the ongoing transformation of the Rozelle Bay precinct (subject to future master-planning) and connected to the existing light-rail network and a new ferry wharf at the head of Rozelle Bay.

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