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We have one last chance to stop Glebe Island becoming a noisy nightmare!

The planned industrialisation of Glebe Island will see an influx of large, noisy cargo ships to the area. The Port Authority of NSW wants to allow cargo ships to come and go at any hour of the day or night and run their engines 24/7, almost every day and night of the year.

For local residents, that will mean being awoken at all hours of the night and living with our doors and windows permanently closed.

For Sydneysiders, our beautiful harbourfront will be spoiled by a noisy and ugly eyesore.

We can't let them get away with it.

There’s one simple thing you can do to help. Write a letter.

Your letter is important. If more than 50 letters are received, the objections take on much more significance with politicians and government departments. Visit the link to find out the details of who to send your letter to and what to include.

Your letter can make a real difference. Please write a letter today.

Click here to check out the complete special bulletin.


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