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Planning the big picture for Sydney forum

The Save Sydney Coalition is holding a forum designed to contribute to wider understandings in the community about the importance of heritage, sustainability and the public good. The forum will be held at NSW Parliament House on the 13th November, 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Sydney's rapid transformation is placing people, infrastructure, the environment, developing micro climates and general liveability under extreme and unsustainable pressure.

Two keynote speakers will present at the forum:

1.Dr Leigh Wilson from the University of Sydney is an expert in the health sciences and ageing and her research examines how heat waves/climate change impact people in high density cities.

2. Mr Graham Quint from the National Trust of Australia is widely regarded as one of Australia's leading conversation authorities specialising in natural, built, cultural, scientific and historic landscapes.

The short keynotes will be followed by input from Barbara Coorey from the Save Sydney Coalition, Maire Sheehan from the Better Planning Network and Jeff Angel from the Total Environment Centre plus a panel discussion with keynote speakers and several NSW politicians from all parties including independents.

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