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Check out our latest response to Hanson

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

We recently put together a response to Hanson covering our objections to the Concrete Batching Plant on Glebe Island.

We believe:

1. The proposed Hanson concrete batching plant on Glebe Island would have a major adverse environmental impact. We urge the DPI&E to recommend against its approval by the IPC. The project would produce unacceptable noise emissions, traffic congestion and air pollution.

2. The project will significantly undermine master planning for the Bays Precinct and the commercial value of the Bays Precinct Metro station, creating a visual eyesore on Sydney's world renowned harbourfront. 

We are calling for: 

a. An independent analysis of the cumulative impact of the project and surrounding projects such as the Multi-User Facility (MUF), the Western Harbour Tunnel, Rozelle Interchange and future Bays Precinct Metro station, as well as traffic associated with the port. 

b. A nighttime curfew between 9pm and 7am to prevent disruptions to residents' sleep.

c. Community input into the design of the plant to prevent it becoming an ugly eyesore.


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