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Whatever happens on Glebe Island will have an enormous impact on everyone living or working in the Pyrmont area. The Jacksons Landing Coalition Inc (JLCI) continues to be active in opposing the industrialisation of Glebe Island through our "Don't Waste Glebe Island" campaign.

Here are some of the highlights on the situation from our latest newsletter:

  • The Port Authority of NSW (PA) has planned and delayed a number of start-up dates for construction of the multi-user facility (MUF). The latest estimate is some time later this year Construction will take 6 months or more, so an operating facility is possibly still 12 months away.

  • We have consistently requested that the PA enable review of, and comment on, the design of the proposed MUF, but nothing has been provided so far despite ongoing assurances from the PA that this will occur.

  • One of the major objections to the MUF project has been ship noise, particularly during the night, and also when ships are arriving/leaving. The PA has promised that a “Glebe Island & White Bay Port Noise Policy” will be available for public review and comment, which will then be put in place prior to construction of the facility commencing. However, the PA has missed a number of promised deadlines for making the draft policy available for review and comment.

  • We believe that the Hanson concrete batching plant project is definitely not a foregone conclusion and will be fighting hard to make sure that it does not go ahead.

  • We have been in constant contact with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPI&E) who are currently reviewing the Hanson project. Another meeting has been promised to us before the DPI&E determines their final recommendation for or against the Hanson development.

Our goal is to stop both the MUF and the Hanson concrete plant and will continue working towards this end. However if we are unsuccessful and both projects proceed, we will be working hard to minimise the disruption caused by noise pollution, air pollution, and a huge increase in heavy truck traffic in our area.

To read the full newsletter click here.

If you are as concerned as we are about Glebe Island please join our campaign or send us your ideas and suggestions as to how we can raise even more awareness and gain support for our campaign.

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