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Residents launch petition to stop ‘last waterfront area’ from becoming a dumping site

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Our very own Christopher Levy, the chairman of the Jacksons Landing Coalition spoke with the Chris Smith show on 2GB about our fight to save Glebe Island!

The Port Authority of NSW has the power to give the go-ahead to its own plan for a multi-user facility on Glebe Island.

Under the plan, the area located under the Anzac Bridge and across the water from Pyrmont would become the delivery site for building materials of nearby projects.

A Port Authority spokeswoman has said delivering materials by sea rather than road brought “significant environmental and social benefits”.

However, Christopher Levy tells Chris Smith it’s the “last possible opportunity to have a wonderful waterfront area”.

Listen to the podcast here:

And further to Chris Levy's interview, Pyrmont resident and Jackson's Landing Committee member, Peter Ball phoned in to tell Chris Smith how he feels about the NSW Government destroying the potential for Glebe Island. Listen here:


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