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'They have more lawyers, money and firepower': The development that residents are powerless to stop

The Sun Herald has run a story today on our fight for Glebe Island!

They note that the NSW government does not trust Sydney councils to approve developments with a high corruption risk or strategic importance, yet the power to assess and approve the construction of a facility for the delivery of construction materials such as sand, aggregate and cement on Glebe Island rests with the government authority behind the proposal, the Port Authority of NSW.

Christopher Levy, the chairman of the Jacksons Landing Coalition, says, “They have more lawyers, more money and more firepower than we could ever amass to fight them on legal grounds."

“What we believe is that neither they, nor any other state government department, has the moral or ethical right to walk all over local residents who have valid objections to the proposed concrete plant and MUF being operated 24/7 in what is now a prime residential area.”

Check out the full article here:


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